"A rising population" is a project focused on the idea of how time and movement is displayed within photography. I wanted to convey the idea of an increasing population and emphasise this through my camera techniques and method of post-production. I chose to focus on the topic of population because this is relevant to today with the impacts both physically and intangibly becoming more evident. The Office for National Statistics predicts that the “UK population is set pass 70 million by mid 2029” this means that areas such as London and the East of England region including cities such as Cambridge, are most likely to see significant developments in the upcoming decades. I aimed to make the juxtaposition of people within each image slightly overwhelming and chaotic. Therefore, acting as a visual metaphor in reference to the increase in population within the area. I shot these photographs using the Pentax 645Z, a digital medium format camera.
This series of photographs have been featured and published alongside the work of other artists, in the Ruskin Arts - 'Contemporary Cambridge' book edited by Jane Boyer and designed by Kayla Martinez.    
"Cambridge in Motion" | Kings Parade, Cambridge | 2017
Sidney Street, Cambridge | 2017
"The daily Commute" | Cambridge Railway Station | 2017
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