For this project I decided to find methods of which to document a local firework event in Hemingford Grey. The theme and visual style throughout these photographs was about capturing the process of my key moments on bonfire night. In addition, I decided to display the passage of time and the movement of elements making up bonfire night.
My use of layers was to show not only one moment, but several exposures, in order to get nearer to a true reflection of the event at various stages. I also wanted to encapsulate the busy and lively atmosphere created by the gathering of the crowds for example queuing at the fairground food stall. The mixture of long exposure shots used for my firework image also allowed me to give a visual impression of the lights path across the sky rather than a quicker exposure which freezes time. The bonfire and apple image do this by showing the subject matter at each stage of the process for example the fire burning the wood and the apple eventually being eaten. In terms of my inspiration for this project, I have looked at the artists including Man Ray, Gjon Mili and his long exposures featuring Pablo Picasso’s light drawings, Eadweard Muybridge and Laurent Dequick. These practitioners all set out to capture the passage of time in different ways within their own photographic techniques.
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